Synkronizer 11 Build History

Build Date Comment
11.1.712.0 2017-07-25 Fixed: error in 'hidden' filters
Added: page numbers in report headers
11.1.711.0 2017-05-24 Fixed: Database compare. Fixed a bug with case sensitivity in Fieldnames.
Fixed: Database compare. Fixed a bug caused by Window.Freeze.
11.1.710.0 2017-04-10 Developer Edition only: ResultsTab is shown when displayUI is called after compare has executed.
11.1.709.0 2017-03-21 Fixed: Fixed a bug in build 708 where macro's didn't properly execute on older Excel versions
11.1.708.0 2017-03-20 Fixed: Fixed a bug in Format compare when it called the LoadStyles macro.
11.1.707.0 2017-03-02 Fixed: synkID considers Filtering.
Improved: exception handling when form is closed while executing or accidentally closed with a doubleclick
11.1.706.0 2017-02-20 Fixed: repairs a bug in interop causing an Object not found in Project. Execute method. (Developer edition only)
11.1.705.0 2017-02-03 change: (minor): improvements to the detection of multiline database headers.
change: (minor): improvements to the focus handling of the main window. (excel 2013+ only)
should solve the complaint that sometimes you you needed to click on a control
twice if the actual focus was in one of the excel windows and not on the main form.
11.1.704.0 2017-02-01 Changed: update behavior & performance
Changed: tweaks to focus handling (xl2013+)
11.1.703.0 2017-01-25 Fixed: Fixed a bug where sometimes Excel instance didn't completely close on exit (64bit Office365)
Changed: Window Arrange on form close (and a few other little thingies)
11.1.702.0 2017-01-19 Bugfix: fixed a bug that could cause excel to crash or hang when the excel instance was closed and Synkronizer was active.
11.1.701.0 2017-01-17 UI: We've changed the layout of the select screen and moved the options for each pair (ranges/database and linking) from an 'inline' control to a separate pane.
User interface: Synchronized scrolling. With this option you can scroll "synchronized" through the files. Synkronizer ensures that always the corresponding differences of the other file are displayed.
Bugfix: Excel sometimes did not properly close when Synkroznier was active.
Bugfix: xl2007 password dialog may have shown when opening workbooks with protected sheets.
Bugfix: xl2013/2016 controls did not take focus on 1st click when the window was inactive.
11.0.61122.0 2016-11-22 Bugfix: Unhandled exception in WindowArrange/ZOrder
Added: UI text for license problems
Added: Build version is displayed in difference report
11.0.61120.0 2016-11-20 Added: When the 2nd workbook is loaded and sheets cannot be automatically matched, the 1st
worksheet in the source file is selected and the dropdown for the target sheet is opened.
Improved: Handlers to detect the user closing windows while synkronizer is active.
This may have caused isolated freezes.
Bugfix: Repaired a bug which could occur when opening files with same name.
11.0.60920.0 2016-09-20 Bugfix: Error in rowlinker.
11.0.60817.0 2016-08-17 Added: We've added an option under filter settings to allow filtering based on relative tolerance.
11.0.60718.0 2016-07-18 Bugfix: "Object not found error" while creating new pairlist.
11.0.60627.0 2016-06-27 Improved: Synk.exe Added options for highlighting and saving from the command line.
Bugfix: fixed unhandled error where a window was closed from the toolbar when synkronizer is active.
11.0.60525.0 2016-05-25 Bugfix: Fixed an issue where a manually entered activationkey was not saved correctly.
11.0.60519.0 2016-05-19 Bugfix: Overflow error. Concerns only Excel 2010 64 bit
11.0.60510.0 2016-05-10 Added: XL Consulting certificate added as Trusted Publisher during setup.
Changed: Coloring of target cells when updating/inserting.
Fixed: several minor bugs

XL 2013/2016:
Changed: The main window changed from embedded to pure WPF.
Changed: Theming partially updated. 2016: Colored done, 2016 Dark pending.
11.0.51111.0 2015-11-11 Added: message box after clicking 'download latest Synkronizer build'
11.0.51110.0 2015-11-10 Fixed: Bug in column linker
11.0.51030.0 2015-10-30 Fixed: Report unmatched sheets list
Fixed: Undo dialog not always shown when it should
Fixed: Unprotect with empty passwords in some excel versions
11.0.51021.0 2015-10-21 Fixed: "tlb" error in commandline extension fixed
11.0.51018.0 2015-10-18 Fixed: "signature" error in BackStageCallback
Fixed: Cell selection overlay window in Excel 2013+
Changed: synk.exe eventhandler
11.0.51003.0 2015-10-03 New: Error form allows direct reporting to website.
Bugfix: Formula reference compare in DBmode has been disabled.
Bugfix: objects will be correctly reset when closing
Bugfix: fixed error which could occur when deleting columns or rows.
Bugfix: fixed error where excel appeared disabled after selecting a result. (xl2013/2016 only)
Change: workbook dropdown: the list of open workbooks now excludes an open "personal macro workbook"
Includes small changes to UI
11.0.50915.0 2015-09-15 Added: when two workbooks are open during startup they will be automatically loaded.
11.0.50910.0 2015-09-10 Improved: UI Startup: Splashscreen integrated in main window...
Improved: Controls now loaded in background thread...
Added: cleanup code for ClickOnce cache.
11.0.50901.0 2015-09-01 Changed: new improved row linker
Changed: dropdown filtering
Changed: much improved memory
11.0.50309.0 2015-03-09 Fixed: DisplayAlerts on close/exit
Changed: selection of primary/secondary columns for worksheet rowlinker.
11.0.50302.0 2015-03-02 Improved rowlinker
11.0.50206.0 2015-02-06 Bugfix: error in SynkID fixed
11.0.50120.0 2015-01-20 Improved comparison procedure
Color palette settings improved
Bugfix: error in filter options fixed
11.0.41210.0 2014-12-10 Developer Edition: Commandline extension included
Filter equivalent values: added filter empty cells
11.0.41113.0 2014-11-13 changes: rowlinker improved
Developer Edition: VBA extension included
11.0.40731.0 2014-07-31 changes: rowlinker improved
bugfix: select ranges error (xl2007/2010)
bugfix: Number 10 to 400 error when using files with zoom set to 10%
11.0.40721.0 2014-07-21 bugfix: error in setup routine fixed
11.0.40719.0 2014-07-19 bugfix: error in VSTO setp fixed
11.0.40712.0 2014-07-12 bugfix: error in formula comparison fixed
11.0.40702.0 2014-07-02 bugfix: Updating differences: some differences were not updated properly. repaired.
changes: Disabled Global Keyboard shortcuts with CTRL modifier (New(ctrlN) Open(ctrlO) Save(ctrlS) SaveAs (ctrlA)
11.0.40625.0 2014-06-25 change: Number and date formats are always taken from windows regional settings and are indepent of the selected display Language.
change: Excel 2013. We changed the overlay mechanism to display selected cells in the inactive window.
11.0.40605.0 2014-06-05 fixed: xl2013 errors when clicking during window load
improved: xl2013 positioning for multiple monitors and dpi settings.
11.0.40527.0 2014-05-27 fixed xmlserializer errors
fixed dialogs on updating cells (or inserting cols/rows) when formulas point to non existing sheets.
improved column matching
11.0.40523.0 2014-05-23 added highlighting for formatting differences
fixed bug in style/format reader when sheets include interior
11.0.40519.0 2014-05-19 Release of Synkronizer 11