Feedback from some of our clients

"I really do like your tool. I tried demo versions of a couple of other tools, and nothing works as well as yours."

Paul Gartner

"Just wanted to let you know that Synkronizer has saved my company approximately 3 months worth of work, as we were are now able to systematically update and review information. In the past it took one full time person 3 months to process all of the information and its now being done at the click of a button."

Kathleen Fesce Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America

"I do like Synkronizer and recommend it to co-workers when I can. I think you have the best Excel comparison tool available, and I have evaluated a few other products. Keep up the good work!"

Bob Harbeck

"I tried Synkronizer software and I was impressed with its features. I will recommend Synkronizer software as the best tool for comparing the Excel spreadsheets."

Jamil Mohammad, Microsoft MVP in Excel

"I've been using the evaluation version of Synkronizer for 2 weeks, great tool ! I'll recommend it to a few colleagues!"

Ronny Webers ADA-Systems BVBA

"Very impressed with Synkronizer 10.0. The tool gets better and better."

Joseph Anderson

"Synkronizer is one of the best most helpful tools out there. I just had my PC rebuilt and need to re-install but its always one of the first apps I re-install. I don't use it a lot but when I do it is immensly helpful - so to the Synkronizer team keep up the great work and thanks for producing such a great and useful product!"

Tristan Woods

"I've loved Synkronizer for years and would definitely consider it in the future. No other product compares."

Rachel Hinten Assistant Professor of Computer Science
Broome Community College, State University of New York

"Synkronizer is absolutely the perfect logical and technical Excel tool for Sarbanes-Oxley auditing Excel worksheets."

Dennis Burgess