For more than 15 years, we constantly analyze, improve and innovate our main product - The Synkronizer.

This dedication and our commitment to accuracy and performance has made Synkronizer 11 as the leading Excel compare tool in the market.

We are a team that goes the "extra mile".

What originally started as a "simple" idea has evolved over the years into a very serious operation with multiple 10'000 clients around the world.

However, our passion and vision have remained unchanged. We believe that only a solution that goes beyond the "usual" is capable to create such a fantastic story of sustainable success.

And yes… That means in many cases to put an extra effort in order to strive for excellence – Sometimes because it is required and sometimes just simply for the sake of being better.

Collaboration leads to perfection

Over the past 15 years, we have nurtured a very close relationship with our key-accounts. These clients have provided us with their challenges, obstacles and insights in using Excel and the Synkronizer.

These ongoing stream of feedback has enabled us to innovate the Synkronizer to the highest possible level of accuracy, performance and automatization.

Stay in touch with us

Of course, we always welcome feedback, input and suggestion regarding the Synkronizer.

The same goes for questions beyond our tutorials and User Manuals.