Built to meet the needs of all users and to save hours of valuable time.

No matter how experienced you are in using Microsoft Excel. With Synkronizer 11, you can start working right away without reading through pages and pages of user manuals.

Compare, update, merge or consolidate Excel tables or entire databases automatically within seconds.

Synkronizer Editions


Compare and update your excel files with just a few clicks and seconds. It truly is as easy as it sounds.


Unfold the full potential with a wide range of filter-setting options and user-friendly customization menus.


Solve complex tasks and requirements with full range of opportunities that command lines and VBA offer.

Examples for Synkronizer 11...

Update and consolidate timings from multiple projects
Compare supplier databases from various departments
Track and update your resource planning
Compare cost efficiency from multiple suppliers
Compare and update your logistics planning
Track and update your inventory database