Get detailed and easy to read difference reports within seconds.

You clearly see right away, which columns or rows have been added or deleted. Print your report summary or start working with the results immediately.

Each difference can be formatted as a hyperlink. With this feature you jump with a mouse click to a specific difference.

The unique visualization makes results very clear.

Understanding results and making decisions are no longer a challenge with Synkronizer 11.

We have spent a considerable amount of time to develop a difference report and report summary, which is completely visualized, so this will help you to immediately understand and use the results.

With the new edition of the Synkronizer, you literally can see results and even save more time with faster and more efficient working process.

Highlight results only that matter to you and ignore the clutter.

With just a click, you can only highlight these results or result categories that are relevant to your task.

All highlighted results can be reset. Synkronizer is the only software which enables this undo-option.

This time saving feature is fully supported by an easy to use interface. Synkronizer 11 is the only Excel compare tool with this unique feature, and it will help you to concentrate on what really is relevant.

See, decide and manage - Now you can process your results even more efficient.

With the new interactive difference form you see all results at a glance.

The following types of differences are part of the report summary:

  • Difference in columns
  • Difference in rows
  • Duplicate primary keys (database mode)
  • Duplicate data records (database mode)
  • Difference in cells
  • Difference in cell-formulas
  • Difference in cell comments
  • Difference in cell format7s

Each difference and each difference category can individually be selected and transferred to another table.

To make your work even more efficient, you can transfer entire difference categories or multiple differences all at once into another table.